Eliška Jakubíčková

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Eliška Jakubíčková ( graduate from Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in the mid- 90s ) introduced at the beginning of September in a renovated Prague Gallery Nová síň her paintings made this year. Their names - We, Weight or Confidential Proximity reveal that the theme of the exhibition is a man and his uncertain, variable and difficult to grasp relationship to other people, which in fine and coarse fabric of the social network realise meeting places, space for dialogue, as well as horizon of the word „WE". The artist makes large canvases in abstract form with expressive brushwork . The monumental expression of her paintings is based on portrayal  of the bodily volumes  of figures,that in frame of the figural paintings has extraordinary proportions. The specific gestures of this impulsive and dense painting affect us with bodily energy and fullness range of natural colours. Harmony of warm tones of brown and gray crosses me in the direction of the author's strong empathy for the common meanings and thoughts, summarized under the term „WE" . We are facing paintings that are unpretentiously leaning against the wall here, to immediately share plurality of disparate views, opinions and actions of today's society, we see the extreme tensions and contradictions of this „WE". It is clear, however, that these images formed on the edge of depicting and abstract form, do not express so called academically noble " pluralis majestaticus. " They amaze us with grandiosity of painting  and also by the fact that in front of us without any distance reveal newly found dignity. Maybe we ask the question : Is there still mutual respect and human dignity , without which „WE“ does not make sense? Visual thoughts of Eliška Jakubíčková paintings make present reciprocity of  people, beings and animals as a unity of all the individual stories together with  the history of society. Author‘s paintings map the mutual position of a man and the thought „WE". We can perceive in them restless pulse of creation in a range between archetype and the present painting, which is without the anxiety open towards the uncertain future, where the horizon - through visual characters - shows the sense of that : Who are „WE“?

Věra Jirousová


Eliska Jakubickova graduated from Academy of Fine Art in Prague in 1993 (prof. Jiri Naceradsky, prof. Zdeněk Beran). She took part in many solo and collective exhibitions, in 2003 her paintings were presented in the exhibition "Perfect Tense-Painting Today" in  Prague Castle Riding School. The painting „Bloom in Shade“ has been chosen among winning art works in Europol Art Competition in 2010. Her work is represented in the Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art of National Gallery in Prague and in other Czech and foreign collections.


Solo Exhibitions (selection)

2013 Many Wishes, Emauzy Abbey, Prague, Czech Republic  
2013 Prostor 228 Gallery, Liberec, Czech Republic
2013 Proximity, U Klicperu Gallery, Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic  
2011 Family in Garden, Sbor Ceskych Brari Gallery, Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic
2011 As Lily in Field, Emauzy Abbey, Exhibition hall, Prague, Czech Republic
2011 WE ARE, Pod Vezi Exhibition hall, Trebon, Czech Republic
2010 WE, Nova Sin Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
2009 Oskar Nedbal Theatre Gallery, Tabor, Czech Republic
2009 Village, Jidelna Gallery VMG, Ceská Lipa, Czech Republic
2008 Slaves and Flowers, Nova sin Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic  
2007 Good Days, XXL Gallery, Louny, Czech Republic
2007 Face to Face, Doubner Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
2007 Viola Theatre, Prague, Czech Republic
2005 Human Encounters Mystery, Franciscan Monastery, Jungmann Square, Prague, Czech Republic
2004 On the Way, Emauzy Abbey, Theatre Hall, Prague, Czech Republic
2003 Fight, Atrium in Zizkov Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
2001 Objects of Interest, Franciscan Monastery, Jungmann Square, Prague, Czech Republic
2000 Bratri Capku Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
1999 Police Museum, former Augustinian Monastery, Karlov, Prague, Czech Republic
1996 Academy of Fine Arts Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
1995 Outside and Inside, Church of Benedictine Abbey Emauzy, Prague, Czech Republic 

Collective exhibitions (selection)

2013 Open Doors, Portas Abertas, Evora, Portugal
2012 Artists for Archive, Mala vez, DOX, Prague, Czech Republic
2009 Naceradsky Eleven, Dolmen Gallery-Opatovicka, Prague, Czech Republic
2008 Defenestrace, New Town Hall, Prague, Czech Republic
2006 Allied..., National Gallery-Veletrzni pallace, Prague, Czech Republic  
2006 When Dreams Come True, U Dobrého pastyre Gallery, Brno, Czech Republic
2005 Space of Memory, Sternberk Gallery and Gallery G, Olomouc, Czech Republic
2003 Perfect Tense - Painting Today, Prague Castle Riding School, Prague, Czech Republic  
2002 Exhibition carried out by Jana & Milan Jelinek Foundation, Naples, USA
1999 Unplanned Connection, Manes Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
1994 Paintings, Restaurant-Manes Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
1994 Young Artists from Academy of Fine Arts, Kunstmuseum Ehrendorf, Düsseldorf, Germany
1993 Academy of Fine Arts Graduates, Karolinum, Prague, Czech Republic
1992 Several Czech Painters, LS Galleri, Lund, Sweden




Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art of the National Gallery in Prague
collection of Jana & Milan Jelinek
collection of Europol Art Competition, Netherlands
collection of U Klicperu Gallery, Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic
private collections in the Czech Republic and other countries