Antonín Střížek

* 1959

For Antonín Střížek the impulse for his pictures and his leading interest in painting is a desire to harmonise all elements in the image. This forces him to paint, an act which then becomes for him – precisely this activity that is – a constant source of joy. It is not easy to express which elements are harmonised, because an image – as we know – is a matter of aesthetic thought and does not allow for an adequate verbal description.

For Střížek the first motivation to paint is a story. This can come from his personal experiences or from some image sample found perhaps in an old photograph. The painter then develops his own personal relationship to the story, which in turn becomes the main motor for creation of a new image. At the same time the second member of the creative process appears: the artistic need to correct the one-sidedness of his personal involvement and the entire personal tale that colours the story with its own hues. From this moment on the image develops as the result of a struggle between the desire to express the story’s personal experience against the need to give one’s personal ideas a supra-personal, generally-valid form. This is expressed through the rules that the painter has found for his work: rules for image construction. These rules, whether they concern colour relationships, lines, the canvas/surface, light, individual iconic symbols, are instances of a relationship between individual elements and the whole. The whole of the image is created from a collection of details. In retrospect he forms each of these members such that no single element will stand out in the harmony of the whole. But this is not just harmonisation of forms that would serve to monitor content. Even the content itself is just one of the elements of the whole and is thus subject to the same game as are so-called formal elements. The story is told only to the degree of realism dictated by the harmony of the image’s entirety. This entirety is the result of a game, which on one hand has its given playground and its exact rules, and on the other hand – like any other human game – is a look into the secrets of human living (experience).

Střížek consistently tries to achieve ”objectiveness“ with clear knowledge that his efforts are in vain. It is in this tension that I see the magic of Střížek’s paintings: in the image before me a space opens where I can spot a reminder of my own freedom, i.e. an obligation to repeatedly guarantee that which we call reality.



Antonín Střížek is the author of the Curtain at The Prague State Opera House 20 x 16 m, acrylic on canvas

Solo Exhibitions

2012 Antonín Střížek, Dom umenia, Bratislava
2011 Antonín Střížek, Sokolská 26, Ostrava
2011 Obrazy, Ad astra, Kuřim
2010 Staré i nové obrazy, Oblastní galerie Vysočiny, Jihlava
2009 Obrazy, kresby, grafika, Galerie Art, Chrudim
2009 Obrazy a kresby, Topičův salón, Prague
2008 Obrazy, Galerie ad astra, Kuřim
2007 Obrazy a kresby, Dům U Jonáše, Pardubice
2007 Cinema, Galerie umění, Karlovy Vary
2006 Kresby a obrazy, Galerie Beseda, Ostrava
2006 Městské divadlo, Kolín (Kolín nad Labem)
2005 Antonín Střížek, Galerie ad astra, Kuřim
2004 Střížek, Galerie Zdeněk Sklenář, Prague
2001 Obrazy a kresby, Galerie Václava Špály, Prague
2000 Ateliér AP, Prague
2000 čítárna Unijazz, Prague
2000 Galerie Druhá modrá, Brno
1999 Galerie MXM, Prague
1999 Galerie Caesar, Olomouc
1998 Galerie U kamene, Cheb
1998 dvorana Reiffeisen Bank, Prague
1998 Bank Austria-Creditanstalt, Prague
1998 Galerie Wanda Reiff, Maastricht, The Netherlands
1997 Galerie Am kleinen Markt, Mannheim, Germany
1997 Galerie MXM, Prague
1997 Neue Rathaus, Weiden, Germany
1997 Galerie G, Benešov
1996 Galerie V. Špály, Prague
1996 Kulturní středisko, Boskovice
1996 Galerie H.T.Fridjonsson, Reykjavík, Island
1996 DUMB, Brno
1996 Galerie Hammer-Herzer, Weiden, Germany
1995 Patrizia Buonanno, Mezzolombardo, Italy
1995 Sokolská 26, Ostrava
1995 Window Gallery, Prague
1994 Gallery R. Foncke, Gent, Belgium
1994 Galerie MXM, Prague
1994 Galerie Planá, Planá u Mar.Lázní
1994 Galerie Fiducia, Frýdek-Místek
1994 Galerie Na bidýlku, Brno
1993 Galeria A. weber, Torino, Italy
1993 Galeri T. Lund, Kodaň, Denmark
1993 Galerie MXM, Prague
1993 Galerie Am kleinen Markt, Mannheim, Germany
1993 Univesität Innsbruck, Austria
1993 Divadlo hudby, Olomouc
1992 Galerie V. Špály, Prague
1992 Galerie MXM, Prague
1992 Leyendecker Gallery, Tenerife, Spain
1992 Galerie Na bidýlku, Brno
1991 KS Opatov, Prague
1991 Galerie Na bidýlku, Brno
1991 ÚKDŽ, Prague
1991 (+ Tomáš Císařovský and Jiří David), Galleria nazionale d´arte moderna, San Marino
1991 (+ Martin Mainer and Petr Nikl), Galerie MXM, Prague
1990 Gallery Swart, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1990 Leyendecker Gallery, Tenerife, Spain
1990 Galerie mladých U Řečických, Prahue
1989 Orlická Galerie, Rychnov nad Kněžnou / Galerie umění, Roudnice nad Labem
1989 Galerie Na bidýlku, Brno
1989 Kulturní centrum Blatiny, Prague

Representation in collections

Národní galerie, Prague
Galerie Benekdikta Rejta, Louny
Galerie výtvarného umění, Roudnice nad Labem
Galleria nazionale d'arte moderna, San Marino
GASK, Kutná Hora


Antonin Strizek