František Matoušek

* 1967

Painter František Matoušek succeeded in what only few contemporary artists are lucky to manage: to find new, original method of communicating something very ordinary, and to develop unique, unrepeatable style. His works are basically classical jeans fabrics out of which the artist plucks the threads. They are thus created by reducing instead of adding up. The resulting “canvases” – even representing perfectly faithful portraits – are sometimes slightly finished by acrylic paint. Even if Matoušek straightforwardly painted his portraits, family still-lifes and landscapes, they always would include that “something” – the trace of their author, his approach, his way of perception. František Matoušek often paints his landscapes in open air, for that’s his way of existing inside a painting. Matoušek’s oeuvre ranks to the more public-accessible category of pictural painting on the Czech artistic scene which has been dominated by post-conceptual tendencies since the 1990s. But the form – and not only the luckily discovered, original and unique one – is not the most substantial element for the artist. He would definitely revolve around the same irregardless the artistic method: around translating the contemporary illegible world into his own personal morphology, around decomposing it to prime factors and to simple and intimate components, as understandable and close to us as is the face of a child or a river.




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Solo Exhibitions

2012 Dívka s kotvou, Gallery Sýpka, Valašské Meziříčí
2011 Kindertherapie, Gallery 5. patro, Prague
2010 de Nimes, Dox, the Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague
2009 Co na světě mám rád, Gallery 5. patro, Prague
2009 New Yorky, Gallery ad astra, Kuřim
2008 Gallery Caesar, Olomouc
2007 Kdo mě dneska hlídá, Gallery České pojišťovny, Prague
2006 GalleryA.M. 180, Prague
2006 Gallery ad astra, Kuřim
2005 Gallery Ars, Brno
2003 Gallery Sokolská 26, Ostrava
2002 Gallery Václava Špály, Prague
2001 Gallery MXM, Prague
2000 Gallery Černý pavouk, Ostrava
2000 Gallery Tvrdohlaví, Prague
1999 Gallery MXM, Prague
1998 Gallery Na bidýlku, Brno
1998 Gallery Malá Špálovka, Prague

Group Exhibitions

2012 Spirit,are you there? (with Monika Drápalová), Designblok,Prague
2007 Hrubý domácí produkt, GHMP, Městská knihovna, Prague
2007 Resetting, GHMP, Městská knihovna, Prague
2006 Akné, Gallery Rudolfinum, Prague
2004 Malíři 03, Painters 03, Gallery U bílého jednorožce, Klatovy; VČG, Pardubice
2003 Retroperspektiva, Dům pánů z Kunštátu, Brno
2003, Výstavní síň Mánes, Prague
2000 Příběhy ze Středozemí, Stories from the Midland, USF Gallery, Bergen, Norway
2000 Konfrontace, Confrontation, the Czech Centre, London, the Great Britain
1999 Per Plex, Gallery V. Špály, Prague
1998 Snížený rozpočet, Low Budget,Mánes, Prague
1998 Harmonie, Gallery Václava Špály, Prague
1997 Luxsus, Gallery MXM, Prague
1997 Mrtvé duše, Nová síň, Prague
1997 Mělník 07, Castle Mělník, Mělník
1995 Zkušební provoz, Test Run, Mánes, Prague