Petr Kožíšek

* 1972

Petr Kožíšek (1972), graduated from Academy of Fine Arts (Visual Communication Studio, doc. J. David; Painting Studio II, doc. V. Skrepl), can be classified as significant personality of the younger Czech painting generation. Painter approaches to the painting through the concept and simultaneously retains vivid pictorial expression of his output as well as the content of communication linked to the used form and morphology. He works with figurative stylization, improvisation, abbreviation and quotes. He occasionally engages in the context of his art some textual elements (text). He often experiments with the form of painting through unconventional painting techniques and procedures that directly examine and improve the emerging artwork. Artist's distance from his emerging painting emphasizes impersonal brushwork - pouring paint on the surface, gestural application of paint, engraving surface calculations with chance of emerging shapes, loose drawing, minimal color drawing or modeling, etc. His approaches to paint media are naturally taken up a position between figurative and abstract painting, both these positions are complementary and sometimes overlapping. He creates spontaneously painting thematic lines, the development of which is perceptible back to the initial points, which usually take place in the author's own living experience.
Painting - for Petr Kožíšek - it means memory footprint, in a more general dimension, the possibility of self-knowledge and self-interpretation.

Petr Vaňous
(abridged from REVUE ART)


Solo Exhibitions

2013 "INNER", Golden Pike Gallery, Prague
2012 "Christmas in Lambarene", Nahoda Agency, Prague
2011 "@@@@@", Michal's Collection Gallery, Prague
2011 "Filament", Blue Key Gallery, Praque
2011 "Trusting", Golden Pike Gallery, Kolin
2010 "Defragmentation", Finalclub, Prague
2010 "...I have an everlasting memory of you", Kotelna Gallery, Ricany
2010 "Themes", Church Queen of Peace Gallery, Prague
2010 "Evidences", Church CCE, Prague
2009 "Invariant", Ceska pojistovna Gallery, Prague
2009 "Works on paper", UniCredit Bank, Prague
2008 "SILENTIUM", Plaminek Gallery, Brno
2008 "Flora Cinema ", VZP Gallery, Prague
2008 "Christians themes", Church Queen of Peace Gallery, Prague         
2007 "Silver rain", Pansky dum Gallery, Uhersky Brod
2007 "Cakes", DO/OKA Gallery, Prague
2007 "Owls and cages", Dolmen Gallery, Brno
2006 "First snow", Platinium Gallery, Brno
2006 "Swan on the walk", Husa na Provazku Theather, Brno        
2005 "Evidences", Institut Francais de Prague
2005 "33 years", UMCH Gallery, Prague /with Jonas Czesany/
2005 "Expres 01", Egon Schiele Art Centrum, Cesky Krumlov         
2004 "Description", Doubner Gallery, Prague
2004 "Christians themes", Church Queen of Peace, Prague
2003 "Clovece nezlob se", Mecca Club, Prague
2002 "Garden", K. Centrum Skolska Gallery, Prague
2001 "Glass case", Komunardu street, Prague
2000 "This presentation...", Academy of  Fine Art, Prague
1998 "Sweets", Suteren Gallery, Usti nad Labem
1997 "Natural and Special", KS Gallery, Chomutov          
1996 "Map", Emil Filla Gallery, Usti nad Labem
1996 "Second world", Church a. Paul, Usti nad LabemGroup Exhibitions

Group Exhibitions

2012 "Florsalon - Zeman's collection", Sladovna Gallery, Zatec
2012 "A selection of contemporary Czech and Slovak art by artists from the young and middle generations" White Unicorn Gallery, Klatovy
2011 "Faux pas", /A/void Gallery, Prague
2011 "Original & Perspectives", Bohemia Modern Art Gallery, Prague
2011 "Time in the wall", Dolní brana Gallery, Prachatice
2009 "ART – BOX", Makrac Gallery, Prague
2009 "Summer coctail", Michal's Collection Gallery, Prague
2009 "Svitava to World", Pod vezi Gallery, Trebon
2008 "Flowers", UniCredit bank, Prague
2007 "Réalité", Centrum Czech rep., Brusel, Belgium
2007 "Amaro jilo/Our Heart", The Brno House of Art, Brno
2007 "Calendar", DO/OKA Gallery, Prague
2006 "Acne", Rudolfinum Gallery, Prague
2006 "WANNIECK GALLERY", Wannieck Gallery, Brno
2006 "Months", Kabinet Gallery, Brno
2006 "Nemecek Gallery", Golden Pike Gallery, Kolin
2005 "Intercity: Berlin-Prague", Haus am Waldsee Gallery, Berlin
2005 "Vladimir Skrepl and his students", Ceska sporitelna Gallery, Prague
2005 "Graphics for calendar of Louvre Gallery", Louvre Gallery, Prague
2005 "Graphics for calendar of Louvre Gallery", Golden Pike Gallery, Kolin
2004 "Intercity: Berlin-Prague", Manes Gallery, Prague
2003 "Harvest of spring", Tvrdohlavi Gallery, Prague
2003 "Atelier V.S.", Falculty of Arts Kosice Gallery, Slovakia
2003 "Diplomants", National Gallery, Prague
2003 "Contemporary Czech painting - Richard Adam's collection", OGV Gallery, Jihlava
2002 "Spejsovna", Spejsovna Gallery, Prague
2002 "Jojo efekt", Wortneruv dum AJG Gallery, Ceske Budejovice
2001 "First and last", Gallery Vaclav Spala Gallery, Prague
2000 "Food", Academy of  Fine Art, Prague Gallery, Prague
2000 "Matter of south", Nova 1 Gallery, Ceske Budejovice
2000 "Granary 2000", Sypka Gallery, Brno
2000 "Art in range", Strelecky ostrov, Prague
2000 "Students of Academy of  Fine Art, Prague", Gallery Manes, Prague
1999 "Green", Academy of  Fine Art Gallery, Prague
1999 "Fillovka open", Emil Filla Gallery, Usti nad Labem
1999 "Sensitive layer", U dobreho pastyre Gallery, Brno
1999 "Unvisible exhibition", Zamecky park, Pezinok, Slovakia
1999 "Safes", Academy of  Fine Art Gallery, Prague
1999 "Ostrava-Usti", 761 Gallery, Ostrava
1998 "Students PF UJEP KVV", Castle Gallery, Telnice
1998 "K+M+P", Bunkr Gallery, Prague
1998 "Art in public space", Vojanovy sady, Prague
1997 "Art in public space", National Gallery, Prague
1996 "Students PF UJEP KVV", Dortmund, Germany
1995 "Internacionale trienale", Banska Bystrica, Slovakia

Representation in collections

Wannieck Gallery
Zeman´s Collection
Private collectors worldwide